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We help businesses to meet their cost, resilience and sustainability goals, helping you to achieve a net zero future.

We started as REstore

Our team in Belgium was first established as REstore, a leading provider of software and services for Demand Response and Demand Side Management solutions. Harnessing big data energy intelligence and in-house developed algorithms, REstore delivered flexible energy for industrial and commercial customers, as well as consumers.

Since our acquisition of REstore in 2017, our capabilities have continued to grow. We’re proud to now offer a broad spectrum of services to help organisations across the country and around the world to drive more value from their energy consuming and generating assets.

And now we're Centrica Business Solutions

We are still helping businesses generate revenue, reduce costs, and pave the way for the flexible energy system of the future, in Belgium - as Centrica Business Solutions.

Our integrated energy optimisation solutions help businesses to balance the demands of planet and profit. By combining the right technologies and approaches, we help businesses to solve the energy challenges they face today, prepare for what lies ahead, and make the most of new opportunities in a changing world.

50 GW
of flexible assets under management across UK, Europe and North America
2.5 GW
of flexibility available to the grid from our industrial and commercial customers
more revenue using our automated technology and in-house algorithms

These formerly REstore products are now available through our Demand Response (DR) solution.


With FlexTreo, you can effectively visualise the flexibility of your site and plan opportunities for reducing energy consumption. Developed in-house by REstore, this patented software allows users to set effective controls and industrial boundary conditions for when and how the flexibility can be used. The software also provides full transparency of settlements and revenues, and complies with ISO270001.


FlexPond is the heart of our Demand Response (DR) capabilities. It merges different sources of flexibility from multiple locations into a package of available flexibility. With FlexPond, we can better manage available flexibility and grid requirements, achieving a 99.9% availability rate and protecting flexibility providers from the penalties that can be imposed for a missed delivery.

FlexPond can also be used as an easy-to-implement SaaS platform that allows energy companies to create and commission an emission-free virtual power plant (VPP) themselves.


Our on-site flexible control hardware solution that automatically and securely connects sources of flexible generation or consumption to our FlexPond platform, so you can participate in market opportunities.

With global presence in 34 countries, we are a business energy services and solutions company with the experience it takes to reduce complexity and risk from your energy investments.

Centrica plc

Centrica Business Solutions is part of Centrica plc, an international energy services and solutions company that’s focused on helping businesses and households to live sustainably, simply and affordably.

  • €25B revenue in 2020
  • 11GW renewable capacity under management
  • 9,000 Centrica technicians and engineers
  • A-Grade recognition by the CDP as a world leader for action and disclosure on climate change, the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency

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