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Large Scale Battery Storage

Take the complexity out of investing in battery energy storage – by working with a market-leading partner who delivers an end-to-end solution

As the European Union rapidly adopts renewable energy – and fossil fuels account for a lower share of generating capacity – there is increasing pressure on the stability of the grid. At the same time, demand for energy is on the rise.

This means that Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – which can store renewably generated energy for future use – are a vital technology in the journey to meeting net zero goals. And they can also be a sustainable revenue opportunity.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we take the complexity out of investing in Battery Storage Solutions. We offer a comprehensive and fully integrated solution, with a streamlined process provided by a single supplier.

What to look for in a battery storage partner

When investing in Battery Storage Solutions, you want to get the best ROI you can.

To derive value, you need to choose the right partner when you invest in battery energy storage – but what should you look for? Watch our helpful video to find out.

Benefits of large scale battery storage

  • Take the complexity out of the process
  • Use our route-to-market capabilities to help make the most of your investment
  • Receive higher revenues than in traditional markets, with our multi-market trading and asset pooling approach
  • Minimise battery degradation with State of Charge management, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Why Centrica Business Solutions?


At Centrica Business Solutions, we have a track record in delivering integrated energy solutions, to support our customers’ energy strategies. So we can use our in-house expertise to help you to find the energy solutions which are right for you – supporting your journey to net zero.

For example, we’re agnostic about the battery manufacturers you use. We’re committed to innovation and work with industry leaders to bring technologies to customers – but we’ll also work to understand your project needs and select the right technology on that basis.

We can also offer:

  • Independent of battery manufacturers we work with you to select the right technology for your project.
  • No CAPEX financing required to support your energy storage business case.
  • Commitment to innovation we work with industry leaders and bring state-of-the-art technology to our customers.
  • Experience and track record global expertise and experience to deliver solutions that fit your strategy.

The capacity of our battery energy storage system at Roosecote is one of the largest battery storage facilities in Europe. This is used to support the national grid and guarantee its stability.


Monitoring of available flexible markets for Eelpower’s 10 MW battery storage facility, providing them with guaranteed financial returns through the intelligent optimisation of their batteries


Tesla batteries provide 18.2 MW of power for Terhills

Let us partner with you to deliver your investment case for your BESS project and demonstrate how we can drive higher value from your investment.

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