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Demand Response (DR)

Transform your energy-consuming and generating assets from a recurring cost to a recurring revenue stream by participating in demand response programs with world-class demand side energy management tools and resources.

Demand response programs enable organizations to earn revenue from Independent System Operators (ISOs) and utilities across Europe by reducing or shifting their energy consumption to help balance the grid. Demand response services provided by demand response companies like Centrica Business Solutions can help your organization identify flexibility in your operations that can participate in DR, enabling you to maximize value from your energy infrastructure.

Get the most value out of the flexibility in the energy your organization uses, generates, and stores by leveraging our unrivaled technology for demand side energy management in combination with our deep market expertise. Combine DR with the power of real-time energy data for precise curtailment planning that maximizes revenue opportunity and minimizes risk of nonperformance. Participate in advanced DR markets with our automation tools, and use on-site Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to support your curtailment without interruption to your operations.

Turn your energy from a cost to an asset

Learn about the advantages of demand response. Watch our video and see how our demand response services and demand side energy management tools enable you to tap into energy-consuming and generating assets and take advantage of the most revenue-generating opportunities from your energy infrastructure.

Demand Response benefits for your organisation

  • Add a revenue stream by reducing consumption during periods of peak demand from the grid to support grid flexibility.
  • Minimize risk and view curtailment in real-time with energy insights and our desktop/mobile app, PowerRadarTM.
  • Access more energy markets with our automated, advanced DR solution to access lucrative markets requiring fast response.
of flexible assets under management in UK, Europe and North America
more turnover achieved by our customers
delivery record, proven to be very reliable

How does Demand Side Response work?

Demand Side Response (DSR) allows organisations to find value in their flexible energy using, generating and storing assets and support the need for a smarter grid. Our expert teams work with you to:

  • Understand the way your business works,
  • Define operational boundaries for all flexible assets and,
  • Implement a plan of action that maximises value, while ensuring your processes are not impacted.

We will then manage your assets in markets so that you don’t have to, and you’ll earn a guaranteed return as agreed at the start. All while operating safely within the barrier conditions as agreed with your business.

Demand Response diagram

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Unrivalled technology capabilities driven by our acquisition of REstore, a next-generation demand side response provider.
  • Guaranteed return as we manage your assets in market so you don’t need to choose markets in which to participate.
  • Stay in charge of your operations with solution controls that incorporate your industrial and operational boundaries.
  • Secure software connections that are ISO270001 compliant.
See how Demand Response can help your organisation to combat rising energy costs

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