Balance the Belgian electricity grid with your CHP and earn additional revenue

Due to notable spikes in gas prices, we are aware of the challenges the greenhouse industry is facing, but at the same time it also offers CHP owners in Belgium new opportunities to generate additional revenue by participating in Demand Response or Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) programs.

How DR and CRM programs work

When you participate in our Demand Response or CRM programs, we connect your CHP installation to our virtual power plant (VPP), allowing us to balance the national grid in real time and trade flexible power in multiple markets, ensuring maximum return on your CHP investment and help the federal government phase out nuclear energy by the year 2025. Today, Centrica Business Solutions manages 2,3 GW of flexible power in virtual power plants around Europe.

cbs bsp info.png

Operational guarantees

  • Your business operations continue as usual. Participating in one of the two above mentioned programs with Centrica means that your manufacturing processes will not be disturbed. We help you define and instantly enforce your operational boundaries.
  • Safe and fully automated demand response: our FlexpondTM platform manages all machines and factories in real time, optimising the schedule of these flexible machines in our VPP to deliver perfect power curtailment or enhancement to Elia using patented algorithms.
  • In case your CHP is unavailable, the assets of other members in our VPP will provide the flexible power needed to ensure the delivery and reliability of the requested MWs by Elia.


Active vs inactive CHP’s

Depending on the usage profile of your CHP, we pick the program that fits best to your needs and requirements:

chp active vs inactive

Benefits for your organisation

  • €0 investment required. Integration and hardware box are borne by Centrica.
  • Significant recurring revenue streams
  • Lower CO2 footprint
  • You stay 100% in control
  • Dedicated web-based interface to review your payments, real time power curves, performance and CO2 emission savings for installations that are enrolled in programs.

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