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Powering the retail and distribution market

Improve margins, minimise downtime, reduce refrigeration costs – and move more quickly toward your low-carbon future

In retail and distribution, you operate in a market where margins are tight, where customer experience matters – and it’s vital to be able to respond to rapid change.

The right energy strategy will help you compete. By working with a partner with the expertise to solve your challenges, you can be more efficient, resilient and sustainable. How can our innovative energy solutions help you? 

Add a revenue stream to your retail business by connecting your energy assets to the grid – reducing your own consumption at times of peak demand. 

In retail and distribution, the pressure is on

In retail and distribution, you face a tough set of business challenges. Competition is fierce and costs are on the rise, so margins are tight. The challenge is to stay profitable, so you need to reduce costs. 

Yet customer experience still matters, too – and the experience is increasingly digital. As technology becomes ever more critical to your operations, you need to stay resilient in order to minimise downtime and avoid damaging customer loyalty. 

Meanwhile, consumers want retailers to show they are genuinely committed to being sustainable.  

Energy as an engine for a profitable future
Drive efficiency

Energy costs are an increasingly larger part of fixed costs. Greater energy efficiency and effective on-site energy generation contribute significantly to lower energy costs and better margins.

Flexible energy management

To guarantee profit and a good reputation, flexible energy management is a necessity. Due to the increasing dependence on technology in shops and distribution centers, a reliable and scalable energy supply is essential.

Sustainable energy management

To create brand ambassadors, attract environmentally conscious customers and comply with regulations, you need to reduce your CO2 emissions. Are you opting for an energy strategy that focuses on low-carbon energy sources? Then you work in accordance with the regulations and you realise significant savings.

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